• Marc Funnekotter 17.09.2017
    Te Koop, onze Hobie 16 omdat we daar dit en vorig seizoen niet mee gezeild hebben. Afgelopen seizoen ...

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  • Hans Stadhouder 30.04.2016
    Hallo allemaal Wie wil mijn pedicuremodel zijn , 19 mei om 12.30u, Den Haag, Zichtenburg Dan doe ...

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  • Dirk Dobbelaere 05.07.2015
    Beste Paul en Rob, (#43 en 45) Net als Felix (#46) ben ik sinds kort lid en wil ook graag zeilen ...

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  • Wouter Biemans 18.05.2015
    Hi Manon, Ben al enige jaren lid maar vindt mezelf dit jaar nieet terug op de kitestellinglij st. Heb ...

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  • Felix Hoogveld 10.05.2015
    Dag Paul de Ruiter en Rob Zuurmond, Ik ben sinds kort lid en wil graag zeilen. Ik heb geen eigen boot.

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"do's and dont's" English version

Short version of the house rules and code of order. (Full Dutch version can be found at www.sailcenter107.nl)

 Access to club facilities

  1. The club house and facilities are for members only.
  2. Club members and supporters (“donateurs”) should be able to show their membership card at all times.
  3. Every club member has access to the club house and facilities at all times and can request a key of the clubhouse from one of the club’s officers.
  4. Each club member is allowed to bring along the same guest 5 times. This person should be introduced to the people who are on bar duty and the club’s officers who are present. The guest will be considered as a candidate for membership, and his/her stay at the club house and facilities is the responsibility of the hosting club member.

 Obligation for all members

  1. Once a year every club member needs to show up for a full day to help (a) build up the club house and facilities at the beginning of the season, (b) dismantle the club house and facilities at the end of the season or (c) for maintenance jobs during the season.
  2. Besides the above, every club member also needs to perform one day of club service a year.
  3. Failure to fulfill one of the above obligations will lead to a fine imposed by the club’s officers. The maximum amount of the fine depends on whether the non-complying club member has timely advised the proper person of his absence.

 In case of exchange or if unable

  1. Inability to attend construction service: If you are unable to attend your construction service, please notify the construction officer of your absence at least one week before. You will be rescheduled for another day.
  2. Inability to attend club  service: Cancelling your bar service is not allowed. You can switch your bar service with another club member. However, you need to arrange this yourself and advise the bar officer of the change of dates in a timely fashion.
  3. Please keep in mind that this gets harder towards the end of the season. At all times advise the bar officer on time.

 Short version of the system of fines

  1. A first time “no-show” without prior notification results in a fine of € 50,00. A second “no-show” without prior notification within a period of two seasons, results in a second fine of € 50,00. A third “no-show” without prior notification within a period of two seasons, results in a fine of € 75,00. A fourth “no-show” without prior notification within a period of two seasons, results in a second fine of € 75,00, and expulsion.
  2. Settlement of the fine does not buy off the obligation for the bar or construction service, these will still have to be done.
  3. Fines will also be imposed if the club member on duty does not stay till the end of his/her shift and disappears without prior consulting/notifying the construction or bar officer.
  4. Members eligible for a fine will be informed of same in writing and have to pay the fine within a month.

In general

  1. Everyone should put their bags on the proper shelves/racks. When leaving the premises no personal belonging should be left in the locker rooms.
  2. No bikes should be parked against the railing of the terrace/club house.
  3. Cat trailers should be removed after use, and under no circumstances should be left on the beach at the end of the day.
  4. It is prohibited by law to walk through the dunes, so don’t!
  5. The road through the dunes is the property of Hoogheemraadschap Delfland. Driving and/or parking your car on this road can lead to a fine. A special license can be requested from the Kijkduin Police Station.
  6. Catamarans have to be put on racks and need to be tied properly and safely in order to avoid causing damage to others.
  7. The last person to leave the club house and facilities should:
    1. Lock all containers
    2. Lock the doors to the terrace and porch.
    3. Put the keys back in the proper place behind the bar.
    4. Switch off all lights except the one in the ladies locker room.
    5. Leaves the club house and locks the door with his/her own key.
    6. Defective locks should be reported instantly to the club’s officers.
    7. Don’t leave the club house without locking up, otherwise notify the club’s officers instantly.

 In general

  1. Every club member and their guests should make themselves familiar with the safety rules and regulations of the club. The full list of safety rules and regulations (in Dutch) can be found at the bar.
  2. Every club member and guest should also apply these rules. Failure to comply with these rules or negligence in this regard can lead to a fine imposed by the club’s officers, to a sailing prohibition and/or expulsion
  3. The people arriving first at the club should make sure the lifeboat is ready for use. See instructions for the bar service.
  4. For safety reasons only go sailing when there are at least two boats on the water and one person on shore.